About Useberry

Useberry is a product research platform for gathering feedback and insights on ideas, designs, prototypes, or websites to create a user-validated digital product.

Our vision is to help Researchers, Designers & Product Teams create better products and to help them bring the user testing process right on the discovery, design & prototype phase. We power Product Teams globally, including Microsoft, Dell, Envato, and Accenture.

Useberry integrates with the most popular prototyping platforms (Figma, Adobe XD, ProtoPie, InVision, Marvel, Sketch), and helps get rich user behavior insights with Analytics, Heatmaps, Session Recordings, User flows, Video & Screen Recordings, Time Bars, Statistics, and answers to multiple types of questionnaires.

Adding user testing in the product development cycle, Useberry allows UI/UX pioneers, agile product managers, ingenious marketers, and restless product teams to get rich user feedback right from ideas, designs, prototypes, or websites and optimize digital experiences while saving money, time, and effort.

About the job

We are looking for a DevOps Engineer to join the useberry team in Athens, Greece. Do you have excellent problem-solving skills and love deep tech challenges? If yes, then jump into the useberry team and build with us an amazing product with international reach!

What we're looking for

What your responsibilities will include